Author Topic: Preparing Your Dog For Summer  (Read 1621 times)

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Preparing Your Dog For Summer
« on: May 18, 2011, 18:58:51 PM »

Thank you to Julianne for this:

Preparing your Dog for Summer: the ‘dreaded’ Grass Seed -

There’s an old expression drilled into every vet student teaching us that ‘common things are common’ so when a dog enters my consulting room shaking its head or licking its paw during the summer months, top of my list of possible diagnoses is always the dreaded grass seed.

I say ‘dreaded’ for a few reasons which we’ll come to, but for unfortunate owners of dogs suffering from this extremely common seasonal problem, watching their beloved pooch looking so uncomfortable, usually lethargic, and in a lot of pain, can be equally as distressing as receiving the final bill for the treatment needed to fix this often preventable problem – another worthy reason to take out insurance for your four-legged friend.

The type of dog typicallly affected by grass seeds is the spaniel  but Jack Russells, Westies and basically all breeds possessing hairy ears and feet are at risk if walked in meadows or woodlands where these grasses commonly grow in abundance.

Spaniels often pick up grass seeds in their feathery paws

But just how can these tiny innocent little grass seeds cause potentially huge and expensive problems in such robust breeds of dog you may ask?

Well it’s mainly down to their minute shape coupled with nature’s unique design. When examined closely dry Foxtail grass seeds resemble tiny arrowheads  easily attaching themselves to an animal’s fur before travelling only one way in towards the skin of that victim’s bodypart.

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Re: Preparing Your Dog For Summer
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Can I also add to check under their armpits as well as mine have had them there + eyes and ears, and dare I say check the boy's bits as well ;)
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