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new twists to collections
« on: January 22, 2011, 21:36:58 PM »
sorry me again  :redface: :rofl:

how about trying to add some new twists to tin / street collections to draw in the passers by  :thinkin:

have the usual tins ,buckets, volunteers and of course doglets  :luv: but throw in a few simple new attractions

chalk pavement drawings for the kiddies ......... whilst the little ones are busy chalking mum and dad are talking  :clap: ( ohh that rhymed )

Teas and coffees I understand we have a tea urn .... could we sell just teas and coffee on cold days like to day

guess the amount of contents fill a jar of small doggie treats and sell tickets for guessing the amount of treats in the jar ,  and then draw a winner at the end of the day who gets the contents in the jar

name the dog have a list of say 50 names and charge 50p/ £1 to pick one of the names , but only one name will be the correct name for the dog they met that day , a small prize of a dog toy for the winner

these ideas need to be simple as volunteers maybe limited