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How to post Photos....
« on: September 12, 2010, 14:11:46 PM »
How to post photos

It's easy! First of all go to http://www.photobucket.com. Its free to register and free to use.

Click the "BROWSE" option, which will open your computer photo files. When you have found the photo you want to upload, click it once, and a square will surround the photo. Click "OPEN" on the computer screen showing all your photos. The photo title will automatically show in the "BROWSE" box. You can then repeat the action several times if you have more than one photo to upload. When you have chosen all the photos you want to upload, click "UPLOAD" under the photos you have picked. (Its a blue button)

You have uploaded your photo! This is how it will appear on the Photobucket account.

To reduce the photo to the correct size for the Photo Show, click "EDIT" above the photo.

From the drop down menu, click "RESIZE". It will take a few moments for the editing suite to open.

Click the size that says "WEBSITE 320 X 240"

Photobucket will resize your photo to the correct size.

When you return to your album, there will be a choice of links that you can use underneath that photo. You need to copy (right click the mouse, scroll down, and click 'copy') the "IMG code'.

To put your photo onto the section of the Photo Show you wish to enter, click "REPLY" to the last post in that section. As you would if you were replying to a topic on other parts of the forum. When you have the reply box open, you right click your mouse again, scroll down, and left click "PASTE".

Your photo will be automatically ready for posting.

You then click "Add Reply" as you would normally.

If you find you picture is too big when posted, it means you did not resize correctly. There's a very easy way of resizing when a picture has already been uploaded to Photobucket. Using the same photo already on Photobucket, and resize again as required. You might need to "Refresh" your Photobucket page. It will automatically resize the photo showing on the forum.

Please try make sure they aren't taller or wider than about 640 pixels.

If you need assistance just reply to this thread and we will help out  :wave:
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