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TTouch Workshops
« on: August 12, 2010, 17:58:39 PM »
These are run by Toni Shelbourne, who I have seen several times for help with a dog and I have also helped her out on a few of her workshops (making tea and washing up  ;D ).  Toni is one of the few TTouch Practitioners who is qualified to Level 3 (the highest) in the UK.  Her 'day job' is working with wolves.

These are her forthcoming workshops.  Unfortunately they are in the Reading area so probably not of much use to people in South Wales, but if you ever get an opportunity to go, then I would.

TTouch I realise can sound like a load of hippy, new-age mumbo jumbo, but I have seen it in action.  It is also another of those things that will do no harm at the very least.

Workshop Dates 2011

For vets, vet nurses, rescue workers, breeders, owners and anyone with an interest in enhancing the relationship with the animals in their care.

The Tellington TTouch Training can be used on all animals and incorporates body work and simple methods to help improve co-ordination, balance and athletic ability, whilst deepening communication, trust, understanding and respect between an animal and its carer. It can be used to enhance behaviour, health & performance.

TTouch 2-day Workshop for Dogs
19th – 20th Feb 2011
14th – 15th May 2011
10.00 – 16.00
Sulhampstead, Nr Reading

This two day workshop is designed to give you practical skills to help your own dog. Over the weekend you will get a taster of all the TTouch tools including body work, ground work and specialised equipment.

TTouch Workshop for Cats
6th April 2011
10.30 - 15.30pm
Diana Brimblecombe Animal Rescue Centre (DBARC), Nr Hurst, Berks

This gentle method addresses many issues including touch and handling anxiety, fear, aggression and stress related behaviours such as spraying. Although we will be working on the resident cats at DBARC, the skills that you learn can be applied to any small animal or bird.

One to One Sessions

For information about one to one training sessions for you and your dog or companion animal visit the website www.tellingtontouch.co.uk

Private Workshops & Training Days
Arrange for a one or two day workshop for your organisation at the convenience of your own location. A days training start from £450 per day, (travel costs may apply). Talks are also available, price on enquiry.

For details on all workshops and options contact Toni Shelbourne on:
Tel: 0118 9413270
Email: ttouch1@btconnect.com

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Re: TTouch Workshops
« Reply #1 on: August 13, 2010, 10:13:20 AM »
I did a day workshop in South Wales a couple of years ago and took Roobs with me - it was organised by FOA RCT (+ I knew most of people who went to it).

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Re: TTouch Workshops
« Reply #2 on: October 15, 2010, 21:00:00 PM »
We had a lovely lady called Shona Moon who is based in Wadebridge, Cornwall, come out to the house for a few sessions with Will. I was quite sceptical, but it did make a difference. You do have to keep it up but that is easy especially if your dog is like Will who adores to be touched at all times.

I can recommend TTouch. It isn't a cure but it does help.

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Re: TTouch Workshops
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Hi All

Toni is carrying out a survey on dog training origins and myths.

I have attached the questionnaire if anyone feels like completing it and emailing it back.

Thanks  :clap: