Author Topic: Stimulating Games for your Dogs - keep them entertained!  (Read 2035 times)

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Stimulating Games for your Dogs - keep them entertained!
« on: May 10, 2010, 12:56:55 PM »
These are some good ideas to keep boredom at bay  :)

The link is on the English Spinger Spaniel Welfare site.

Stimulation for Dogs

It is in the form of a .pdf download and is in the middle of the third row, called Interact

Here are some of them:

The Small Box Game
Save all your small boxes such as toilet roll tubes, toothpaste boxes, etc. and put a biscuit or two inside them. This is so your dog can rip the box open and earn himself a treat. You can then go on to hide the box and teach your dog a seek command. He then has to hunt to find the box before he gets his reward. This is great for dogs with separation anxiety as you can hide boxes all over the house. Once he starts to look for them, he won’t even realise you are gone.
The Large Box Game
Take a large box (crisp box size - remove any staples or tape). Place one or two smelly treats inside with lots of scrunched up newspaper. Turn the box upside down, tell him ‘It’s yours’ and sit back and watch the fun! You could layer the boxes using diff erent sized boxes, and paper.
This is a rubber toy, shaped like an elongated ball which is hollow. You stuff the inside with food, so your dog has to work to get it’s meal. Great fun and the dogs seem to love it. If your dog is a little reluctant, add some soft cheese or a small amount of marmite to the inside of the Kong. Other fillings that can be used are: low salt gravy with mashed vegetables, tuna mixed with a small amount of bread and yoghurt. If you freeze your Kong, the fun will last even longer.
Treat Balls
Another excellent idea, the one shaped like three balls stuck together is excellent as it doesn’t roll easily.
Find the Lady
You will need couple of upturned plant or yoghurt pots. Place a ball or a treat under one of them. Remember he only gets the treat when he guesses correctly.
Buster Cubes
Th ese are a good activity toy for dispensing their dried kibble, keeps them busy for hours, and even when empty, they can’t resist going up to it every so often and giving it a belt,................. ‘Just in case'.
The Laundry Basket Game
Take a plastic laundry basket, one which you can see into. Turn the basket up-side-down, put a ball inside and watch your Springer as he tries to work out how to get it out!
Place some dog biscuits, pieces of carrot, fruit, etc. in a bowl of water or stock and freeze. Once frozen, remove the ‘lolly’ from the bowl and put in out in the garden. It’s messy but good fun and keeps your dog occupied for ages.
The Washing Ball Game
Take a plastic washing liquid ball with a hole in the top of it (make sure it is well rinsed). Fill it with probiotic yoghurt and freeze. Your dog will love chasing it around the floor.