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Videos and Podcasts - all in one place!
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Videos and Podcasts

There are a range of videos and podcasts on this website, including:

Working with on leash Aggression
Trainer Jean Donaldson demonstrates tools and techniques for safely and effectively handling dog–reactive shelter dogs during behavior modification sessions. Commentary by veterinarian and animal behaviorist, Ian Dunbar describes how use of this technique impacts body language between dogs.

Tips for Handling a Dog-Reactive Dog
Ian Dunbar and Claude help Jean Donaldson work with a leash–reactive shelter dog.

Jean show us the baseline leash–reactive behaviors that certainly may have contributed to this dog being surrendered to the shelter. At the sight of another dog, the dog becomes unmanageable, barking, lunging and pulling so strongly that it’s impossible to hold on to her.

Conditioning an Emotional Response
Author and trainer Jean Donaldson demonstrates installing a conditioned emotional response (CER) to an object. She uses this process to introduce her chow, Buffy, to a new piece of equipment. She shows how she easily conditions Buffy to enjoy wearing her head collar.

Changing Emotions in Fearful Dog
Dr. John Ciribassi helps an owner with a with a lab who shows fearful and sometimes aggressive behavior, particularly when someone comes to the door, or on walks.

Using Gentle Leader for Pulling on Leash
An owner's dog pulls so hard on leash that she has suffered a shoulder injury. Dr. Ciribassi recommends using a Gentle Leader, and provides tips for helping the dog focus more on the owner, and less on other stimuli.

Using Manners Minder for Barking at the Door
Dr. Ciribassi uses the Manners Minder to help managing barking at the door in his boxer. He uses the Manners Minder train his dog to go to a specific place, in this case a dog bed, when someone comes to the door. The Manners Minder allows him to distribute treats remotely to reinforce this behavior.

Managing Jumping Up Behavior in Standard Poodle
Dr. Ciribassi's co–worker has a standard poodle that often jumps up enthusiastically when greeting. Using treats and attention exercises, Dr. Ciribassi begins the process of managing this behavior, and coaches the owner on how to continue this process at home.

Response Substitution with Fearful Dog
The owner of a bullmastiff comes to Dr. Ciribassi reporting fearful and sometimes aggressive behavior, particularly on walks and when encountering other dogs. Dr. Ciribassi recommends a program of response substitution. As part of this process, he recommends using the Gentle Leader to help provide better management of the dog on leash. In this segment, the owner learns how to fit and put on the Gentle Leader.

Loose Lead Walking Tips
Steve Dale gets some tips on loose leash walking from Dr. R.K. Anderson

Improving Aggressive Behavior in Veterinary Exam
Veterinary behaviorist Gary Landsberg demonstrates how to improve the aggressive behavior dogs during veterinary examinations. He quickly changes Rusty's typically traumatic clinic visit into a positive opportunity to learn.

Teaching Stay with Treats and Body Blocks
Patricia McConnell demonstrates a technique for teaching just about any dog to "stay." Her approach combines using treats, and simple "body blocks" to communicate the desired behavior to the dog. In this case she is working with novice dogs from the Animal Humane Society in Golden Valley, MN.

Managing Arousal
While working with a shelter dog, Patricia McConnell notes that dog quickly becomes over–stimulated and aroused, leading to the undesired behavior of jumping up and nipping. She discusses why this occurs, and what the trainer can do to effectively manage this behavior.

Using Cues to Settle Dog
Patricia McConnell demonstrates a simple technique to teach a dog to settle down. This can be particularly useful for times when the dog is seeking unwanted attention, or when you just want the dog to lay down.

Managing a Dog with Situational Aggression
Veterinary behaviorist, Jacqui Neilson works with a newly surrendered dachshund on situational aggression during baths. Sophie, the dachshund, has a history of anxiety and biting during the bathing process. During baths, she would tremble, bite humans trying to handle her and also redirected aggression toward herself.

Managing barking at the Door
With the help of her rescue Aussie, Flash, veterinary behaviorist Karen Overall demonstrates an easy technique for the common problem behavior of barking at the door. While most owners appreciate being alerted to the arrival of visitors, barking becomes a problem when the dog won't stop when asked. The arrival of visitors is often a chaotic, anxiety–provoking event for the dog who anticipates being yelled at or banished. Owners are embarrassed but do not know an effective technique to fix the problem, which often gets worse over time.

Maltese Barking at the Door
Trainer Becky Schultz teaches the owner of a shy Maltese how to fix alarm barking at the door. Callie was a bit under–socialized and shy, and her owner was frustrated with her continual barking and growling when visitors came to the door. The owner's efforts to correct the problem by picking her up and holding her muzzle shut were not successful. She was young and had come from the breeder just a few months earlier. She had no previous training and the owner was happy with everything but this issue.

Loose Leash Walking Tips and Tricks
In this video, Becky Schultz, CPDT, demonstrates a number of techniques for improved loose–leash walking. This video also serves as a companion to her segment on fitting the Gentle Leader headcollar, and she shows some approaches to fading use of the Gentle Leader if the owner wants.

Becky also works with the dog Charley's owner, helping her handling and management of the dog on leash.