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This is a test post to see how much can be written at one time.

Bella pup

The first of the Christmas puppies started just after boxing day.  Bella was an 8 week old Labrador / visla cross.  Her owners were considering muzzling her because she was “biting” their child.  In reality she was 8 weeks old and teething and learning to play. Thankfully she came to us and she was re-homed within a matter of a couple of week.  Unfortunately she hasn’t been the last one and they’ve continued flooding in.  Why is Christmas such a busy time for animal rescue?  The old dogs are put out to rescue to make way for the new puppies.  New puppies are still bought as Christmas presents (hard to believe in this day and age) and then people go back to work and reality kicks in.  Puppies are hard work.  They don’t like to be left on their own.  They need to be stimulated.  They need to be toilet trained.  They cost money in food and in vet’s bills and they need walking.  Not great in a home where the adults work full time.


Lolly came into the care of Newport Dogs Home in August 2016 having been terribly neglected.  She had lost most of her fur and was very sad and anxious.  She came to us at the beginning of January and has just gone to a foster home where she is enjoying being fed a Sunday roast and watching the TV each morning with her foster mum (she is concerned about Foster Mum’s taste in TV mind!).  Lolly is coming along really well and has also taken over Foster Mum’s bed. Staffies give the best kisses and cuddles so if you fancy giving her her own sofa, please visit our website.


Leggy greyhound cross Monty is 9 year old and came to us as a hand in due to very sad personal circumstances.  Monty has been with us since the end of September 2016 and is desperately in need for a forever sofa.  He has been adopted twice but sadly returned due to his increasing anxiety and finding it difficult to settle -not surprising when you consider all the changes he’s had to go through in the last few months.

This lovely boy is in dire need of TLC and ideally a home with an experienced dog owner who can give him the love and companionship that he deserves and have the time to get this poor little soul to trust us humans again.  He would prefer to be the only dog in his home so he can have all the cuddles to himself.  Out and about he loves to run with other dogs and can be excitable when greeting them on lead so access to a secure area he can be safely off lead would be perfect for him.

If you have a Monty sized sofa in your house and you wish to spend your evenings having lovely greyhound snuggles, please look at our website for an adoption form.

Fran, Dexter, Princess Maisie and Anya xx
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