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About the fund...
« on: November 13, 2009, 21:17:49 PM »
One of our owners asked if we could set up a fund that people could donate to in memory of the animals that have passed to the bridge.

Proud to have been an owner.... our pets mean so much to us all, they bring us comfort when we need it, they never judge us and are always happy for a cuddle and love us all the time.

The money raised will help us to continue to place special needs dogs in forever foster homes, dogs that need ongoing medical treatment or other problems that would make it difficult to find a home for them otherwise. By being in a forever home the dog will be able to enjoy home comforts, love and most importantly a place to call home before they make that final journey to the rainbow bridge where they will be able to play again.

There will be a section on our site about our long term foster dogs so you can see what comfort and help you are bringing to these special souls.

One such soul is Ben -

Please use this section to tell us about your pets, share memories, pictures, tears, hugs whatever.... all of the animals that pass through our lives take a little bit of our heart with them  :grouphug:
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