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General Chat / Re: Holiday cover
« Last post by chocolatecat on Today at 19:33:58 »
Thanks for the information, you two.  Colin recommended Whitewall Kennels and I might go with them, I think Pip would find it too much going to a different house with lots of other dogs!  He is 16 now, so that's about 96 in human years.
Foster Dogs Looking for Homes / Re: Charlie. 6 yr old Chihuahua
« Last post by SandyandAndy on Today at 13:10:07 »
Charlie is gaining in confidence daily and learning to trust. Today he had a bath and his nails trimmed and he sat there like a little gent allowing me to do hold his little paws.

Charlie is definitely going to need an adult only home and someone who is willing to work with him to build his trust but the rewards will be huge; seeing him change and grow in confidence.
willing to foster if needed
Foster Dogs Looking for Homes / Eira The cutest ever 12 week old JRT pup
« Last post by DizzyDogs on April 25, 2017, 20:07:39 PM »

Breed – JRT
Sex -    Female
Age –  12 week approx
Dog Friendly - Yes
Cat Friendly - Not tried young enough to learn
People Friendly - Yes
Child Friendly  Yes over 5
House Trained - Work in progress
Neutered - No at 6 months in line with our adoption conditions
Travel - Little anxious   
Food -   Dried Food/wet
Fostered - Bridgend
Vacced –   yes
Flea Treated - yes
worm treated - yes
Chipped           Yes

All pups must be neutered at 6 months and attend puppy and training classes.  They are young so will need a home where someone is around for the majority of the time.

Minimum donation per pup is £165.
Details of our adoption procedures and adoption application form are http://forum.fourpawsanimalrescue.org.uk/index.php/board,21.0.html
Bosun is 10.4kg at the moment (but on a diet!). He is about 22cm across at the shoulders (his widest part). Apparently in his old home he used to come and go through the cat flap so he should be ok with a dog flap. He's much shorter (height and length) than our Springer Spaniel and he has very short little legs. As he's a Corgi cross he's never going to be svelte!
Archive of Kennel dogs / Re: Harley- Havanese Bichon
« Last post by Jackie56 on April 25, 2017, 16:01:27 PM »
Do you know how Hathey is with cat's. 
What a beautiful handsome boy
Archive of Kennel dogs / Re: Reggie - Pug X
« Last post by Jackie56 on April 25, 2017, 15:47:27 PM »
Do you now how Reggie is with cat's? .
He really do look a real cutie .
Hi Stella -I am interested in this lovely dog but not quite sure how big he is.  Do you know how much he weighs and it looks as though he is the same sort of size as a springer spaniel.  I ask because I have a dog flap from the house into the enclosed garden and I would need to make sure he could get through it!

Whoever is lucky enough to adopt this fabulous boy will have to have one of my socks as well - he just loves to bring one (or both) to me every morning!  :D He's very gentle and never rips or chews the socks, he just carries them and presents them to me! I tried to get a photo of him with it in his mouth, but he's too much of an excited wiggle-bum when he brings them  :luv:

If you're interested in adopting this lovely, funny, handsome boy then please put in an application. Although we love him to bits, he deserves a forever home to call his own.
Hi I would love to foster a dog I'v been approved and am waiting thanks
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