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Patch the collie
« on: April 02, 2017, 16:17:26 PM »

Breed - Collie - Male
Age - 6 years
Dog Friendly - Yes
Cat Friendly - Yes 
People Friendly - Yes
Child Friendly - Not Tested
House Trained - Yes
Neutered - Yes
Travel - Good in the car
Food - Eats well - dried food
Fostered - Caerphilly Area

The minimum adoption donation for Patch is £165.

Patch is currently undergoing a 14 day assessment and will be ready for rehoming from 8/4/17.  Applications are welcome during the assessment period.

Patch came to us last Saturday along with his pal Tinky.  Patch is rather overweight and for the first couple of days all he seemed comfortable doing was lying on the rug in the lounge.  He would go out for a walk but only want to go to the end of the road before turning round to come back!  Now though he is moving around much better already.  He is going a bit further each day on his walks and looks much more comfortable walking.  He also likes going out the garden and has started bringing his toy to us to be thrown for him.  As Patch loses weight and walks more i think we will see a much more energetic dog.
Patch is settling well, he is good in the night, gets on with our dogs and is fine with the cat.  He has met a few dogs when out and is fine with them and people. 
Patch is a friendly dog and likes a fuss and seems to be generally easy going but we did have one incident during feeding time when we messed up the routine of feeding our dogs with him and needed to retrieve a bowl, where he did growl and show his teeth to us.  It is early days for him in a new home with new dogs which could be a factor, also he is on a diet!
Patch has been to the vets for his vaccination and was very well behaved at the vets.  He is rather overweight but this is being addressed.

Please put in an application in the first instance if you are interested in Patch. Approved applications will be home checked.

Details of our adoption procedures/requirements, adoption application form and Privacy Policy are here http://forum.fourpawsanimalrescue.org.uk/index.php/board,21.0.html
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Re: Patch the collie
« Reply #1 on: April 10, 2017, 12:16:44 PM »

He's a beauty, hopefully his forever family will be along before too long  :)
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Re: Patch the collie
« Reply #2 on: April 16, 2017, 15:02:33 PM »
Patch has been with us now for just over 3 weeks.  He is managing to walk much better, his back legs are looking much stronger now and he is happier going further each day.  He really enjoys a ball being thrown for him and brings it back to us to carry on playing.  He walks well on the lead, greets other dogs and people very politely.
We think he has lost a bit of weight and will get him weighed this week to see how he is doing.
 Last weekend we had family staying so had a houseful and Patch loved being fussed by everyone.  He is a lovely friendly boy.
He does have a couple of habits such as scraping up the rug in the lounge, which he loves to spend most of his time on.  He did this a lot in the early days but not so much now.  I think once he has settled in his forever home and feels safe with his new family he won't display these traits so much.
Patch is clean in the house and quiet in the nights.  He is good when in the car.
Patch on the whole is a very easy house guest.

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